Public nuisance, not public art

They could’ve installed some exotic plants or trees in City Square, or maybe an aquarium or butterfly aviary… something uplifting to look at for all the weary city people… failing that, maybe a display of something from Melbourne’s past; a sanitation wagon or colonial-era tram… or even a sculpture of a big banksia blossom that lights up at night – the possibilities for beautiful public art are many – but no, they had to install this ugly, bland, depressing piece of shit:

Undoubtedly it’s a troubled world and there are a lot of problems to be addressed, but putting up a blatant eyesore where people go for lunch and fresh air is not going to help whatsoever, nor does it contribute positively to our city’s atmosphere. It’s just controversy for controversy’s sake, the only thing modern art seems to care about anymore.

One thought on “Public nuisance, not public art

  1. In the case of that wall, Mat, I think what is more upsetting is that the art is manufactured for its alleged controversial value.

    Melbourne and Werribee Zoo’s elephants and chimps should have a crack at painting on the wall – that would be both fascinating and be more effective at raising the profile of environmental concerns affecting those species.

    But that is a little too much to ask for, from Melbourne City Hall and their “artiste” sycophants.

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