Restoring faith in humanity

Today I was running around all day – dentist, Liquorland, Polish cake shop, Chinese trinket shop, Lebanese greengrocer, etc etc – and at the end of all this frenzied spending, my mum (who had borrowed my car, coz my sister had borrowed hers) was supposed to pick me up from Bentleigh and drive me home. The thing is, I managed to get my blueberries/Prince Polo wafers/incense sticks pretty quickly, so I started walking down North Rd to spare my mum the traffic congestion near the shops. But as I kept walking along the footpath, there was no sign of my conspicuous green Peugeot on the horizon, and after about 15 minutes my mum called to tell me that she’s running late, as my sister had cracked the shits over a pair of shoes or something. And just then, in the middle of residential Bentleigh with several kilos of shopping, the sky burst open and rain started pouring down. And I thought, “Brilliant”. And I started to get very drenched.

I looked around for shelter and, realizing there wasn’t any around, kept walking until I got to the next block – when suddenly I heard a voice call me over. I turned around and there was a little man, probably in his 50s or early 60s, smiling and holding an umbrella. I stepped over and he offered to share his umbrella with me – “otherwise you’ll get very wet” he told me, in a slight European accent – and held it out so that it sheltered both of us. Naturally I was grateful and as we stood there watching the puddles grow, he started talking about how he’s been to London and the weather there was just like Melbourne’s, and how nice the weekend should be, and soon I’d almost forgotten that I was actually waiting for something. At least 10 minutes passed before my mum finally rocked up, and so I thanked the man and stepped into the car. After informing me she nearly had a heart attack when she started the car (I’d been blasting a Rammstein album at full volume all week), my mum asked me who the man was… and I realized I didn’t know, and that it didn’t really matter. And when she U-bolted the car and I turned around for a final look, there was no-one standing at the corner anymore. He had moved on.

So there you go dear readers – just a little something I thought I’d share on this cold, wet Thursday evening. It’s funny coz when people disappoint you or piss you off, it’s almost like you expected it, but every now & then, when they do the complete opposite, it really surprises you and sticks in your head like beautiful music. GOD BLESS THAT LITTLE OLD MAN.

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