Operation Locust Plague

I was thinking about the future of warfare while doing the ironing today, and an obvious yet (as far as I’m aware) untested idea popped into my head: why not create little heat-seeking, cyanide-tipped shards that whiz through the air and stab themselves into people? Imagine how difficult it would be to protect against something this tiny & agile. If a hundred of these were released into enemy territory, say from a capsule dropped from a plane, they’d be fucked unless every bit of exposed skin (including the eyes) was shielded. You could even program the shards to leave the corpses and whiz back to their capsule upon receiving a signal, thus making them reusable. The best thing is about these little metallic insects is that, unlike bombs, they would not damage buildings in the slightest, thus leaving all valuable infrastructure intact while quickly & efficiently taking out all opposition.

So, have I developed some mental issues over the weekend? It’s certainly possible.


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