How Bogan Am I?

I got the book ‘Things Bogans Like’ for Christmas – pretty much a guide to middle-class Australia, really – and today discovered the website

Thoroughly amused by such entries as Nutri Grain, Velvet ropes and Doing their back in, I decided to go through the list and copy & paste what also applies to me, with the following results:

#2 – Buddhist Iconography as Home Furnishings

#24 – Underbelly

#36 – Self Help Books

#37 – The Secret

#39 – “Political Correctness Gone Mad”

#50 – Discount Airlines

#54 – Thailand

#59 – Joining Moronic Facebook Groups

#70 – Tennis

#95 – Freedom of Speech

#106 – Mixed Martial Arts

#113 – Shaolin Warrior Monks

#134 – Pre-Mixed Drinks

#136 – Foreign Tattoos

#137 – Their Taxpayer Dollars

#139 – Bear Grylls

#141 – Suiting Up

#145 – Hot Asian Chicks

#169 – Mild Curries

#174 – Pyramids

#181 – Sarcasm

#185 – History

Not sure tennis or history are exclusively bogan pursuits, but still… I guess 23 out of 205 ain’t bad, making me precisely 11% bogan 🙂

P.S. Catholicism, bogan? Really?

3 thoughts on “How Bogan Am I?

  1. I was brought up as a bogan and I must admit I was a little sad not to see mullets, desert boots, flannelette shirts and Metallica on the list. Maybe Bogans have evolved since I was one.

  2. Glad you like our book/website!
    Regarding the Catholicism entry, the explanation in the entry involves the bogan jumping on the Catholic bandwagon for the brief time that Mary MacKillop was in the news for being declared a saint. The bogan used the whole episode as an excuse for some “Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi”, and then moved on.

    • Haha fair enough, yeah I read the explanation… no denying the bogan bandwagonism there. Just picturing a church with Southern Cross altar cloths and a ripped Jesus in board shorts heaving his cross up a hill…

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