My response to ‘Don’t date a girl who travels’

Originally posted this as a comment on Adi Zarsadias’ viral article, but she deleted it almost immediately… ‘Don’t rebut a girl who travels’, I guess.


Don’t date a guy who comes from a poor family and respects the dignity & satisfaction of hard work. He won’t have time for self-absorbed ‘carefree spirits’ who shirk the responsibilities of genuine independence while claiming it’s one of their core values. He’ll strive to convert his education into action and achieve more than a sunburn with his life. He’ll take girls out for dinner & conversation and forget about those who don’t appreciate it. He’ll also be creative and well-travelled and have informed opinions and not try to impress people, because these things have no correlation with being some kind of overprivileged princess who writes narcissistic odes to instant gratification. By being mindful of the future he’ll enjoy life for years to come instead of pretending now is all that matters… then realising, too late, that ‘now’ isn’t what it used to be and that a loving partner is a thing worth nurturing after all.

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