About Me

If I had to choose 3 words to describe myself they’d be creative, curious & communicative. I enjoy writing, drawing,  mixing/making music and just interacting with people. I love losing myself in chaotic cities or desolate countryside. I earn a living proofing scripts for Channel 7, but haven’t owned a TV for years. I do love the Internet though… hell, of course I do, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this right?

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. About time, Mat, for you to have created a more permament repository of your brain droppings 🙂

    Next step, start perusing your mail hoard 😀

  2. Hello,
    Would you happen to have any copies available (for purchase or lend) of “The Polish Technical College in Esslingen, Germany, 1945-1949″? My Grandfather, Witold K Skuba,” is mentioned in it so I am curious to learn more about that period in his life. Thank you,

    Ann D.

  3. Hi there, my name is Gerri-Linn.
    I have a very curious piece of art that you might find interesting. You may even have some insight…who knows(shrugs)? Please email me back and I would be very keen on your thoughts. Pictures are not very descriptive but certainly do get the point across. Thanks for your time~

  4. Hope to hear from you soon…..I do need insight on how to care for this it is transitioning from different climates………..breaks my heart!!!! Am off to peruse other sights!!! I can forward you pics. Thanks again! Gerri-Linn from BC/Alberta/Ontario, Canada. Cheers~

  5. PS! Am Canadian…ancestors are from Poland & Ukraine,,,was told this piece was from Czechoslovakia although was brought from an Indian Reserve in BC, Canada. I have contacted curators from the local University in Calgary, she replied but had a show to deal with in the new school year. Am anxious to get this addressed as the climate change is affecting its originality. Anything you can advise would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much~!

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